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This is our annual drive to keep Columbus warm.

$2 PBR, trail starts at Noon. Parking at the lot across the street is $7, or don’t be a weenie and find somewhere free 😬

No hash cash for this trail; your donations for the needy are more than welcome. Your beer donations for the hash needy are also welcome. Bar stops along the way will be pay-as-you-go. Other stops will be hosted by hashers that love you and your charitable spirit.

Cum out and help the homeless again!

Hares Yeast Infection and Can’t Feel It are putting together an awesome trail with an epic on after!

On-Start: The Crest, 2875 Indianola Ave, 43202
A to A+
Chalk talk 7:45
Pack away 8:15 (Dayton time not Renegade time)

On-Start TBA and time may change slightly.

Hash cash $12.00 (includes trail, trail beverages, circle beer and admission to the interactive viewing for the on-after) Rice (Weiss) is not allowed.
Don’t forget to dress as your favorite character!
There will be a prize for the best costume

Shiggy level 1.69