It’s finally that time of year again! Dig out your green festive attire and let’s get together for some green shenanigans.
Trail will be fun, urban and likely less than 3 miles.
There are several fun things going on in Dublin so lots of potential for on after fun too.

Muster 3:30
Chalk Talk 4:15
On out 4:30

A to A+

Shiggy. 69+

Hash Cash $10.00

Recommend that you park in the Mooney Street Parking Garage. Located behind the on start . It’s free. 🙂

Hares: Cottage Cheese bleh and Can’t Feel It.

Rumor has it there will be shamrock shake pudding shots again

Who: Renegade Hash House Harriers
What: Trail #150
When: Friday 22, 2019
Where: JT’s Pizza, Pub, & Patio.
Hares: Wish Bone Me & Cottage Cheese 🤮
Muster: 6:00
Chalk Talk: 6:45
On-Out: 7:00
Shiggy: 2.5
Hash Cash: $7
Bring: Cranium Lamps or Flesh Lights, Whistles

If you don’t know how this works, show up and draw straws. Loser gets a flour bag and 5 minutes to lay trail. When you’re caught, the person responsible gets 4 minutes. And so on. Ideally we end up back at the on-start but if not, oh well.

WHO: Renegade Hash House Harriers
WHAT: Trail #149
WHEN: February 16, 2019
WHERE: Hendocs Pub, 2375 N. High St.
HARES: An unlucky soul
MUSTER: 4:00
ON-OUT: 5:00
SHIGGY LEVEL: whatever the hares decide

WHO: Renegade Hash House Harriers
WHAT: Trail #148 Groundhog’s Day
WHEN: February 2, 2019
WHERE: Rafters Beer Pub 4404 Indianola Ave
HARES: Immaculate Projection
ON-OUT: tba
SHIGGY LEVEL: 0.69 (maybe 1.69 if Punxsutawney Phil is a bitch and the weather is shitty)
WHY: It is Groundhog’s Day so Immaculate is laying trail. She is TOTALLY NOT RECYCLING A TRAIL SHE USED ABOUT A YEAR AGO.
BRING: Virgins, vessels, fleshlight, your beaver I mean Groundhog, a top hat

01/25/19 #147

WHO: Renegade Hash House Harriers
WHAT: Trail #147
WHEN: January 25, 2019
WHERE: Dick’s Den, 2417 N. High St
HARES: Wishbone Me, Itchy Bitsy
MUSTER: 6:30
ON-OUT: 7:15
BRING: Virgins, vessels, fleshlight, etc.

This is our annual drive to keep Columbus warm.

$2 PBR, trail starts at Noon. Parking at the lot across the street is $7, or don’t be a weenie and find somewhere free 😬

No hash cash for this trail; your donations for the needy are more than welcome. Your beer donations for the hash needy are also welcome. Bar stops along the way will be pay-as-you-go. Other stops will be hosted by hashers that love you and your charitable spirit.

Cum out and help the homeless again!

Hares Yeast Infection and Can’t Feel It are putting together an awesome trail with an epic on after!

On-Start: The Crest, 2875 Indianola Ave, 43202
A to A+
Chalk talk 7:45
Pack away 8:15 (Dayton time not Renegade time)

On-Start TBA and time may change slightly.

Hash cash $12.00 (includes trail, trail beverages, circle beer and admission to the interactive viewing for the on-after) Rice (Weiss) is not allowed.
Don’t forget to dress as your favorite character!
There will be a prize for the best costume

Shiggy level 1.69

Cum to the Renegade Hash House Harriers, Columbus Christmas Party!
WHAT: Christmas Trail and all day event
WHEN: December 15-16th, 2018
HARES: New hasher and Serialbater
BRING: sack and fluffy things to crash and let Beave It know what dish you are bringing.
POISON SHIGGY: it is a Bater trail
WATER SHIGGY: unless it’s frozen
FROZEN SHIGGY: we will see
FOOD HARES: Beave It To Cleavage
MUSTER: 1:00
ON-OUT: 3:00 on time…maybe!
WHERE: 5553 Riverside Drive, Delaware, Ohio 43015
TRAIL: yes
HASH CASH: $20 plus a $10ish white elephant gift.

WHO: Renegade Hash House Harriers Columbus
WHAT: Renegade Trail #143
WHEN: Friday, November 30, 2018
WHERE: Main Bar, 16 W. Main St.
HARES: Stranger Danger and America’s Most Flaunted
ON-OUT: 7:00
TRAIL: bright
SHIGGY LEVEL: 0.69 (on a 0-5 scale)
BRING: tidings of comfort and joy