08/13/22 #233 – Elvis Hash – Abandoned Shit

One drunken night, someone decided that since we missed hashing on Elvis’ birthday, we should do one around the anniversary of his death, and I (Abandon 💩) volunteered. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. But at any rate, let’s be the hound dogs that we are and get all shook up!
WHO: Renegade Hash House Harriers
WHAT: Trail #233
WHERE: Rehab Tavern
HARES: Abandoned 💩
MUSTER: 2:00pm
CHALK TALK: 2:30pm
ON-OUT: 2:45pm
SHIGGY: 0.69
TRAIL: A to A’
BRING: Virgins, Vessels, Whistle, Chalk, anything Elvis-related (blue suede shoes, rhinestone jackets, etc) or musically-inspired attire (Elvis Merzlikens CBJ jerseys also acceptable)