01/18/20 #185 – Good Will Running

January 18, 2020
Muster: 3pm
Land-Grant Brewing, 424 W. Town St.

Y’all, it is cold out there and it is only going to get colder. Unfortunately, there are a large number of people facing homelessness in Columbus, but we can do something to help. On 1/18 we will be having our Good Will Running trail and we want to start collecting donations. We will be collecting physical donations and monetary donations that will be for a soon to be determined organization providing services to the homeless.

If you have some gently used clothing or can pick up some things to donate, please consider it! Also, would your business or the business you work for be willing to put out a collection box? Renegade is officially a non-profit and we have paperwork to prove it! (if you need it let me know).

Items being collected include:
Hot Hands
Travel Size Toiletries
Feminine Hygiene Products


01/24/20 #186 – 3rd Anal Immaculate Cock Birthday Ball Buster Bash*

Who: Immaculate Projection, Cockpit
What: The 3rd Anal Immaculate Cock Birthday Ball Buster Bash*
Where: Rafters Beer Pub. 4404 Indianola Ave.
When: 6:30 Muster. 7pm Chalk talk. 7:15 on out.
Why? Immaculate and Cockpit both have birthdays in January, so they like to hare a tail for you wanks.
Shiggy: 1.69
Trail: A to A
Things to bring: flesh light, virgins, gifts are appreciated but not required

  • no anal, ball buster or bash included. trail is less than 2 miles and probably not bashable

01/04/20 #184

Definitely not the same as the other one. More details to come. I’m mulling this one over, but don’t worry, it will be AWFUL. Completely on-brand for me.

When: Saturday, January 4, 2020
Where: Hop Yard 62, Grove City, OH
Muster: 2:46 pm
On-Out: 3:12
Hash Cash: Seven Bucks
Shiggy: -1

It’s NFHN Patty’s first time Haring. She’s learning from the worst in the Biz, so let’s have fun! Hope to see you there!!