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12/19/15 #027 Renegade’s Christmas Event

On Saturday December 19th, 2015 16 hashers showed up for the debauchery starting out with the tasting of 15 beers. What a way to warm up your insides as the temperature outside was 25 degrees.

The group was bundled up and fired up to start this shitty trail that was set by hares Serialbater and Dangerous Dismount.

1st stop: A BN stop that was filled with cold beer and Christmas Carols…Hash Style. We lost Moon Over My Truckie and NFHN Fujio after a false trail strayed too close to the on-start deciding “No trail, just more beer for them”.

2nd stop: A SN stop with some Grape Pucker hidden by the previously borrowed stone pig!

3rd stop: A BN stop with a gorgeous view of the Scioto River. But too cold to swim, so Lady Humps A Lot decided if we weren’t going to swim she was heading home (and she did so in the hare car.)

4th stop: A BN stop in a cozy spot before having to climb up a rocky cliff. But, before that happened, we all got to see Working Member climb and then straddle a tree. Could he have been trying to hide his own “wood”?

The group proceeded to go thru fields, hills and a lot of bramble before being atop a huge hill. Immaculate Projection, Knitta Please, and Dum bAss decided that rolling down this hill was not for the faint of heart and decided to give it a try. Can you say “beer shake in the belly”?

Soon the hares left a trail shitty enough for the group to find their way back to the on-in. But not before Itchy Bitsy, Dum bAss and Working Member were able to come up with some great finds of some pumpkins. I think they were going to do sinister things to them later, but no pictures were taken to prove such a thing.

The on-in circle was conducted by the RA, Immaculate Projection, where a lot of punishment by beer drinking was performed.

During the on-in, two of our nameless hashers were inducted into the hashing world where they received some very fitting names: NFHN Fujio became “Ultraman” and Virginish Cecilia became “Battery Operated Boyfriend”. Just ask them why they deserved those names!!

All the hashers ate in style with food prepared by Beave It To Cleavage, BOB and DD and by everyone else who contributed to the buffet. AND we can’t forget the incredibly delicious (and fattening) Egg-nog; that was to die for. Dangerous Dismount thought she died and went to heaven after drinking numerous glasses. Leggo My Preggo and Priority Male joined the party post-circle.

The debauchery continued during the unusual reading of the “White Elephant Gift Exchange Poem”. And the gifts were unusual and some just can’t be put into print…right Priority Male & Itchy Bitsy?

Your faithful scribe,

Dangerous Dismount

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