Hash Trash

01/23/16 #029 Itchy Lady Trail

The Renegades started trail #29 at Dick’s Last Resort with 15 half minds on January 23rd, 2016. We welcomed Pumps Till It Burns from Dayton, I Like It Small from Madras India, and Swizzle Sticks Before Chicks from Indiana.

After lunch and libations the ‘shitty’ trail was off to a cold start. The trail weaved around downtown and stopped at the Arena District where our hares Itchy Bitsy and Lady Humps A Lot had a very yummy “peppermint” flavored hot cocoa.

After warming us up a bit, they had a wonderful surprise for us: we were going ice skating. Off we went for an adventure! We had a few falls but thankfully no breaks or serious mishaps.

After skating a while, we warmed up by the fire and sang some songs… ‘hasher’ style.

We continued our pilgrimage thru downtown and eventually landed on the top floor of a parking garage for the BN stop and some orange food.

After re-fueling we found our way down stairs and to the monument that marks the “Center of Known Civilization Franklin County” where we downed a bottle of Honey Whiskey; once again warming us up.

We continued through the Arena District for our on-in only to find that the bar didn’t want our business and was closed. We persevered, as hashers do, and ended up at the Park Street Tavern for the on-in. Of course there was lots of fun, beer drinking and singing to be had.
One of our out of town visitors (Swizzle Sticks Before Chicks) had just way too much fun and slept with the porcelain God for a few hours. Luckily, never making Battery Operated Boyfriend regret lending a helping hand (and sleeping space) for him to crash the night.
Hats off to our hares for an shitty excellent trail.

Your scribe,
Dangerous Dismount