Hash Trash

01/29/16 #030 I Like It Small’s Virgin Lay

The Renegade bunch met on January 29, 2016 at Rambling House Soda Pop for what’s called the Growler Crawl, although no one knew that beforehand. We were told to bring our hipster finest for the band (lol), and although most of the crew ignored instructions (as usual), we were not disappointed by the show on stage. Indeed, there was not a finer collection of knitted caps in the 614. But the cute toddler dancing about made up for the singing. Kinda.

But enough about that. This is about the trail. Gentle reader, I feel it’s time for a confession. Your hash trash today isn’t via the usual Double D, since she couldn’t be bothered to attend. So, the only thing shittier than your author’s writing ability is the trail chosen by the hares, Immaculate Projection and I Like It Small.

So there we were, outside Portlandia East, headed east, over to Indianola Ave. The trail turned north for several intersections, at many of which was a check where Itchy Bitsy found the false each time. Eventually the trail led down steps to the Glen Echo Ravine, where no one has ever lost their virginity, ever. There we found a tasty growler, some vessels, and some orange food. It was at this stop our virgin hare, I Like It Small, invited us to stick our hands in her box (of fries).

After Working Member couldn’t break the ice we headed out, back up the steps, and down the road to Weber Rd. where we found a check for the ages near a park. Apparently up means up, as NFHN Rocky scaled a tree looking for clues! It was also where Working Member earned his trail treasure – a handheld game that actually worked!

After a bullshit arrow that looked like an F, trail was found along a fence leading down to Walhalla Rd. Nifty place for a trail. The hares found a nice bridge over the creek for hiding the next BN, where there was another growler. This was the stop where you’d think we were smoking pot…NFHN Rocky learned about Alice in Wonderland, I Like It Small tasted sugar wafers, and we all stared at the stars.

After that there was a minor issue on the trail regarding which side of the street the trail was on, but NFHN Rocky saved the day, so we found our way to the on-in, with old-ass beer and cards against humanity awaiting.

At the on-in, Cockpit and Meats In The Parking Lot showed up for the festivities and played cards with us. Fun and drinks were had. Until next time, you’re all wankers 🙂 and I remain,

Yours Truly,
Itchy Bitsy