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10/08/16 – #055 / DH3 #1208 – Renegade invades Dayton

*wakes up*
*here are your hares*

*does math in head* Fuck my life
*does math in head*
Fuck my life

Soooo, we thought we’d invade Dayton and hare a trail for them. Buck Creek sounded like a good place, being closer to them than halfway and all. Little did we know the place is already used to our type.

Trail started without molestation and I suppose went as scheduled. Honestly, here I am writing this shit as a hare that was miles down the road. Then it went some more ways to a beer near in the woods near a closed marina. After that I guess the pack got lost (or said fuck it, either one) and meandered toward the base of the dam to a shot near that most people missed. There were several complaints about this section. As always, blame Bater. He laid that part.

A lot of people ended up on the road and I honestly have no idea what happened for a few minutes. At this point every hare that laid anything including a pussy was a goddamn asshole in my mind…and yet there they were, making stuff happen. Damn you hashers, you persevere.

It really was a beautiful day all around
It really was a beautiful day all around

After the somewhat missed beer near in the woods, there was the shot near (we Renegade folks like alcohol, ok?) that was stolen by the runners. Oh yeah, there might have been a YBF in there. And the bit on the railroad tracks…sorry not sorry.

At least the pudding shots reappeared at the on-in. Speaking of the on-in,

Can you believe it?
Can you believe it?
We had circle, gifts and down-downs were awarded, and generally shit happened. Perhaps this can be an annual thing, eh Dayton?