04/21/17-04/23/17 – Cow Tipping Weekend!

We’ve all been there

WHO: Renegade Hash House Harriers and Harriettes of O-H-I-O
WHAT: Cow Tipping Weekend
WHEN: April 21-23, 2017

COWTIPPING: (verb) A hypothetical activity in which cows sleeping while standing up at night are tipped over by a modest exertion of force by (an often inebriated) person.
WEEKEND: (noun) the period from Friday evening through Sunday evening, especially regarded as a time for leisure.

Come all hashers near and far, to gather in the land of cows, cornfields and buckeyes to celebrate 18 years of hashing and two years of Renegade Rebellion in Columbus, Ohio.
This is the Renegade Inaugural Hash Weekend! Same drunken crew, new Columbus name and even bigger PARTY! Don’t miss out!!!!!! REGO IS CAPPED AT 50 first paid/first laid hashers :).

WHERE: Magnuson Grand Columbus North, 888 E. Dublin-Granville Rd., Columbus OH 43229 (614)888-8230. Rooms are available at a discounted rate for our group at $55 a night plus tax, $50 deposit per room. Please CALL THE HOTEL to make a reservation and let them know you are with Renegade Hash House Harriers.

Here’s the deal: 75 dollars gets you a weekend of bottomless kegs, amazing habby, 2 dinners, 1 lunch (breakfast included and provided by hotel). Pub crawl Friday- you know the drill… Pay as you go wankers. Saturday trail followed by circle, and dinner. SATURDAY DINNER provided by MEATS in the PARKING LOT FOOD TRUCK n GRILL. Saturday night party in the party room. Sunday hangover trail sponsored by a recovering AA member for life.

—->REGO HERE!<---

Who’s cumming

Columbus, OH 43229


12/31/16 #063 – New Year’s Eve

WHO: Renegade Hash House Harriers Columbus and friends
WHAT: New Year’s Eve Buckeye playoff party
WHY: Celebrate a playoff win and ring in the New Year at this family friendly event!
WHEN: December 31st, 2016
HARE: Serialbater
FOOD HARE: Beave It To Cleavage
ON-OUT: 6pm
WHERE: 5553 Riverside Drive, Delaware, Ohio 43015
TRAIL: a short one
BRING: your favorite side dish to share
BRING: sack and fluffy things to crash

Delaware, OH 43015


01/21/17 – #065 – Good Will Running

WHO: Renegade Hash House Harriers Columbus
WHAT: Trail #065
WHEN: January 21, 2017
WHERE: Pins Mechanical Co., 141 N. 4th St., Columbus OH 43215
HARES: Lady Humps A Lot, Nice Try and Itchy Bitsy
MUSTER: 1:00
ON-OUT: 3:15
TRAIL: A to ??
HASH CASH: Bring scarves, hats, socks, etc. to donate. Scarves and hats will be spread about statues downtown on trail. Details in chalk talk, but it’s for the less fortunate, so do a good thing and gather as much stuff as you can 🙂

Columbus, OH 43215

Hash Trash

Hash Trash #61 – 11/26/16 – Eating Wolverine Meat

The idea seemed simple enough…meet for a trail to celebrate The Game between Ohio State and Michigan. Problems include: 1.) Hashers 2.) Beer 3.) A 7am trail 4.) All of the above

Like all good hashers, the D is good and proper. 7am seemed like a good time to start trail, why not, we are professionals in our chosen line of work (that’d be drinking, fyi). That should be early enough to beat traffic and prelube and gather everyone together, right?

We were told to gather at the venerable Bier Stube to welcome our out of town visitors. This is a good summary of the place. At 7am.

Wait, we'll get it right by the 4th quarter
Wait, we’ll get it right by the 4th quarter

And bless the hearts of the Michigan folks that showed up, they were there before any of us and were relegated to the back of the bus bar, but had the beer flowing.

Gather up, run trail, drink beer. Seems simple, right? Except this being Renegade, the hares were nowhere to be found. And when they were located, didn’t know where they were going. Or anything else, for that matter. Par for the course, really. Once we figured out a thing, chalk talk was held and trail was off!

First beer near was in the parking lot of the bar and got us chased off by a bartender worried about his liquor license…such a prude. Fortunately a random hasher (ahem) and his sidekick had hot chocolate and some tasty condiments a few blocks away.

Live trail was laid to the warm beverages, then it all went to hell. The hares took off, but the pack didn’t bother to wait, so checks were useless.

On-In, amirite?

On-on to campus itself, where the white stuff being tossed was once again looked upon with happiness and glee

White tossers, indeed

Then a hare decided to buy tickets to the game, so things really went downhill. We actually managed to follow trail after singing about Jesus, and made it to the on-in, where the crowd erupted and four F-16s flew over circle.

did someone say “went down”

Your turn, MoA2H3. You can’t fuck it up worse than this.


12/09/16 Flight #37 – Grove City Brewing

Who: Renegade Hash House Harriers and friends
What: Renegade Brewery Tour Flight #37
When: December 9, 2016
Where: Grove City Brewing, 3946 Broadway, Grove City OH 43123
Muster: 6pm
​Passport: If you don’t have one we will give you a fresh and clean virginal Columbus Ale Trail Brew Book!
Why: We are “a drinking club with a running problem”

Grove City, OH 43123