Hash Trash

Hash Trash #65 – Good Will Running

I suppose the usual snark can be dispensed with just this once, as we actually got our shit together and did a good thing. We met at Pins Mechanical Co. after the call was put out to bring hats and scarves to the event, in exchange for free beer. Your humble hares had no idea what they’d done.

Usually, with the hash, this would be full of beer bottles
Some people went above and beyond
We spent our pre-lube time putting these on everything

The theme for this trail was simple. Gather hats and scarves, get hashers drunk, then tell them to go play in trafficdistribute the loot. And that’s exactly what happened. The hares worried people wouldn’t have fun…WTF were they thinking?

At least the blanket didn’t end up on a statue of an Indian…
Most pictures of this had someone’s bare ass in it
A Beamer pic where she’s not pretending to blow something O__O
Step 1: Get drunk
Step 2: Find Statehouse
Step 3: Climb statues
Somehow no arrests were made
It’s not a proper hash unless a wedding is interrupted

Good job, hashers. Everyone had a blast and left with a warm feeling inside. I’d love to say it was because of the difference we made, but it was probably the endless free beer. It was decided to make this a yearly event, so start saving your shit now!

These were the leftovers, donated to a homeless shelter