11/24/17 #102 – Blackout Friday Pub Crawl

Start: North High Brewing, 1288 N. High St
Let’s shop for beers!
Okay….so assuming you survive spending Thanksgiving with people you may or may not like.
Cum join us for a Blackout-Black Friday Pub crawl!
Bring your favorite silly cranium gear, a fleshlight, vessel, whistle and your Ale Trail book. Let’s hit some bars and breweries!
Pub crawl is pay as you go with some delicious treats on trail.
Hares: Immaculate Projection and Can’t Feel it
Hash Cash $4.00
A to A ish
Muster 5 PM (maybe earlier, if you need to practice)
6 PM Chalk talk (Dayton time) 🙂
6:15 On Out

Circle is planned for outside so you might want to select warm silly cranium gear.

If for whatever reason you don’t have an Ale Trail book, one will be provided.

IF you are driving, it is recommended you park in the Kroger parking lot next to North High Brewing

Columbus, OH 43201