03/31/18 #114 – Rapelling Hash!

WHO: Renegade Hash House Harriers Columbus
WHAT: Trail #114
WHEN: Saturday, March 31, 2018 Muster at NOON

LOCATION: 24798 Big Pine Road, Rockbridge, Ohio
Otherwise known as Hocking Hills Climbing and Rappelling Area
HARES: Working Member and Lady Humps A Lot
SHIGGY RATING: 10 (on a scale 0-5)
SHIGGY VARIETALS: rocks, boulders, cliffs, ropes, wild animals, mud, water, snow and ice temperature dependent.
ON START: in the parking lot. (Open gravel lot…Look for your hares.. it’s not marked!)
MUSTER: 12pm
ON-OUT: 1215pm so DO NOT BE LATE as this event will start ON-TIME
FOOD: pack a sandwich, you will need it!
WARNINGS: This is a trail for the die-hard hasher…not for the broken, wounded, or extremely intoxicated. This is not on city streets and sidewalks folks. I cannot say this enough: Dress appropriately for the weather and extreme trail conditions. Come prepared. (Bring a dry bag, trail shoes, snacks, drinking water etc). Bring a vessel if you are consuming beverages before trail. Note! Exclusion from this event for heavy drinking prior to or during this event is at the hares discretion. Come sober and prepared to get your ass kicked, and dangled 100 feet above the ground.
DISTANCE: Maximum rappel is 110 feet.
GPS AND PHONES DO NOT WORK WELL IN THIS AREA!! Write down directions before you leave the big city just in case. PLEASE PHONE A HARE BEFORE TRAIL DAY if you have questions. Please RSVP so we are expecting you as your hares will be lost in the woods and will NOT be reachable.
PLEASE pay attention to this Facebook invite for hare updates!
JUST THE TIP: bring a fleshlight for optional cave exploration!

Rockbridge, OH 43149