06/29/19 #164 – Comfest

Hares: Pool Tool and Wishbone Me

Where: 1180 Goodale Blvd.
When: 11:00am meet up. On-Out at Noon.
What to bring: Money, chair or blanket, Comfest mug, rain gear, an ark. It is pretty much guaranteed to rain as it does every year at Comfest. As my boss puts it, “This is god’s way of making the hippies take a shower every year.” 🙂 🙂
Details: Cum join us for a day of beer, hippies, music, hippies, beer, and beer.
Since the city decided to fuck up parking so much, everyone can park at the on-start for free.
It is 1.5 miles to Goodale Park, so a reasonable walk back or a cheap Uber/Lyft ride.
I will have beer and some snacks for everyone at the start. There will be one pay as you go beer near on the way. You are on your own at Comfest.
The idea this year is more Comfest and less trail. Once we get there, we can hang out and watch some bands, eat some food, and enjoy the people watching.
You are free to do as you please. I will have a small list of bands and times so it will be easy to find us if you get lost or come later.

See everyone Saturday!
Pool Tool and Wishbone Me

1180 Goodale Blvd, Columbus, OH 43212