Hash Trash

Hash Trash #66 – 75th Anniversary of A.S. Gispert’s Passing

What better way to honor the wartime death of hashing’s founder than to get drunk in a cemetery for the insane, right? Right?!?!?

That was the original plan, anyway. Then your humble author and my capable co-hare PUMPS TIL IT BURNS decided to lay trail live, even though one of us is lazier than a pet coon. It was then the plan was hatched…a gummi heart, made out of red wine and vodka, that everyone could eat…in the cemetery.

Everyone met at Sideswipe Brewing for a hearty prelube, then the hares were off. As for the trail, I can’t tell you a thing…I suppose it was perfectly laid and the rainbows we planted at every check sprouted right on time to greet the pack. All I know is some people seemingly gave birth on trail, because not only did they take forever in getting to the cemetery, there were three fully grown men that weren’t there when the hares took off.

Whatever, we entertained all cummers and h*aded to on-in, where pizza was delivered right as circle started. Have I mentioned the hares for this particular trail are fucking geniuses? Circle itself was the usual shitshow, naming people for no good reason and whatnot. I’m not sure anyone even remembers some of the names we gave out.