Hash Trash

Hash Trash #67 – Immaculate Projection’s Whim

Wetlands, indeed

P-I-S-S-I-N’ on your tra-a-il…Pissy trail, it sucked. Pissy trail, it blew…etc.

Started at Lineage on a nice enough day, too bad it went downhill after that. The pack blew past a beer near (some say it was sabotage) and found the cemetery booze, along with tasty snacks. Cemeteries are becoming a thing it seems…

Thence on to the aforementioned pissing spot for another beer near, because renegade. And after that, a relocated beer near because of the missed one. Score one for laying dead trails!

On in was somehow shittier than the trail itself, since our RA was the hare, then drunken hashers were set loose upon Columbus.