02/29/20 #190 – Leap Day

Jesus has no excuse to not go Hashing for this one!

Cum one, cum all to a special Leap Day version of the Renegade shit show. Your hosts have some nice shiggy cranked up for you half minds, so be ready. Also, we have a beer surplus, so this will be a special TWO DOLLAR HASH

WHO: Renegade, bitches
WHAT: Trail 190
WHEN: Leap Day!
WHERE: St. Stephen the Martyr Catholic Church, 4131 Clime Rd.
ON-OUT: 4pm
HARES: Salt Crack, Itchy Bitsy
SHIGGY: probably at least 4

• Vessels, god damnit! We are using a church parking lot with permission, but there will be masses taking place. They were kind enough to give a corner of their lot, let’s not abuse it (too much).
• Waterproof footwear, at the very least. Watch the forecast, dress accordingly. Also, waterproof footwear. Circle will be outside, which brings me to…

ON-AFTER: Emelio’s, 574 Georgesville Rd.

4131 Clime Road, Columbus, Ohio