03/15/20 #191 – Pi Day (observed)

Start – O’Malleys Lounge, 530 Norton Rd, Columbus 43228
Note O’Malleys opens at 1. So pre-lube at home.

Theme – all things pi (think pie shots, pie to eat, and true trail will be exactly 3.14159 miles long)
Hares – Fatal if Swallowed and Yeast Infection

Hash cash – $7

For those who’ve asked for it – Trail will be runner-friendly! It just so happens, 3.1 miles IS a 5k. No medals will be awarded, however. Just pie.
Shiggy – yep, there’ll be some. Not a lot, but your feet will get muddy. Leave your sexy leprechaun boots at home. What to wear – hash attire. This is a hash, not a costume party.

If you have a burning desire to contribute something pie-shaped or pie-themed, consult the hare at 970-817-3903. If you have anything else that burns, consult your physician.

Start is at 1. It’s a Sunday and people got shit to do. So we’ll probably be on-out 1:30.