03/28/20 #192 – No Licking

Ok Y’all! Here is the plan! Since you are all sick people and you might also have the coronavirus, we will be having a slightly different kind of trail. We totally did not steal this idea from Dayton and anyone who implies that we did will drink for this crime!

This trail will be dead laid (like Jack?) and will be very straight forward. We’ll post a picture of the marks so even you halfminds won’t get lost. Circle will be online using Itchy’s magic zoom code.

Hares: Immaculate Projection, Wishbone Me, St. Suspicious Stains
When: Anytime between 10 am and 4 pm, there is no muster, chalk talk, pre-lube, or grouping of any kind.
Circle: 5pm on Zoooooooooom
Where: Tuttle Community Rec Center (240 W Oakland Ave, Columbus, OH 43201)
Why: Because we need to get the fuck outside
How: A to A. On your own. If you don’t want to go alone, find a single buddy. One. Don’t be a dumb ass and protect others. No spreading, touching, or licking random shit (I’m looking at you Salt Crack).
Bring: You, yourself, and maybe one single buddy. Your own beer (sorry y’all, Itchy decreed it).
Shiggy: 1 if you want or 2 if you want.

Seriously, please don’t be an ass and spread the disease.


COVID-19 Update

Governor DeWine has issued a statewide stay-at-home order. Outdoor activity is allowed and encouraged, with precautions. Going forward for the foreseeable future we will be doing the following:

• Trails will be dead laid and announced as usual, or laid and done virtually on our Facebook group.
• We will not have the usual prelube and chalk talk. Chalk talk will be on the ground at on-start.
• There will be no hash cash collected; BYOB while you do Trail. Do trail at your leisure, and with whatever people you feel comfortable with, but circle will be at a predetermined time (see below).
• Please limit shiggy and hard stuff like back checks. People will be doing this on their own.
• Circle will be held at a predetermined time via video; if you haven’t done Trail by then, join and drink.

We are doing this to give everyone a chance to get outside and get a little muddy, while also being responsible. No one has to attend, you can always NLC and dial into circle. But you will be given the chance to go Hashing if you wish.

In addition, please video your trail and post it to our group!

Please download this app for video circles.


03/15/20 #191 – Pi Day (observed)

Start – O’Malleys Lounge, 530 Norton Rd, Columbus 43228
Note O’Malleys opens at 1. So pre-lube at home.

Theme – all things pi (think pie shots, pie to eat, and true trail will be exactly 3.14159 miles long)
Hares – Fatal if Swallowed and Yeast Infection

Hash cash – $7

For those who’ve asked for it – Trail will be runner-friendly! It just so happens, 3.1 miles IS a 5k. No medals will be awarded, however. Just pie.
Shiggy – yep, there’ll be some. Not a lot, but your feet will get muddy. Leave your sexy leprechaun boots at home. What to wear – hash attire. This is a hash, not a costume party.

If you have a burning desire to contribute something pie-shaped or pie-themed, consult the hare at 970-817-3903. If you have anything else that burns, consult your physician.

Start is at 1. It’s a Sunday and people got shit to do. So we’ll probably be on-out 1:30.