Renegade #201 – Wishbone’s cake day

27 years ago at approximately 1pm cst, I decided that this world needed me in it. The nurses kidnapped an OBGYN out of the hallway and BAM baby Wishbone. To celebrate my womb exiting, we must have trail!

When: Aug 15
Muster: 1:00pm
On Out: 1:45pm
Hash Cash: $7
Hares: Wishbone Me and Salt Crack
Where: Iuka Park (the end near 4th St). Plug 2139 Iuka Ave. into your gps of choice, park on the street and look for degenerates milling about.
Shiggy: 2.5 to 3 (I don’t know yet)
Bring: A mask, some dry shoes, vessel, social distance, extra single serve drinks, etc.

Masks will be mandatory. If you don’t want to wear a mask, tough shit. I will be an asshole about this because fuck you I’m a scientist and I care about you. Need as mask? Let me know, I’ll sew you one.

2139 Iuka Avenue, Columbus, Ohio

Iuka, Mississippi

Iuka, Mississippi